LeanFleet is currently offered in 3 different flavours, each fine-tuned to specific business needs, but all of them have transportation at the core of their operations.

LeanFleet for Personnel Transportation & Tracking:

IT/ITeS businesses, schools, chartered bus services etc. deploy a fleet to routinely pick-up their staff members, students etc. from their residences at the beginning of the shift and drop them off at the end of the days work. In the event of 24 x 7 operations, for the pick-ups and drop-offs that happen during wee hours of the day, there is very little monitoring to ensure that these passengers are picked up/dropped-off at designated locations and at the right time. For such applications, the omniSENSE devices are designed to detect pick-ups / drop-offs of personnel by detecting their Bluetooth enabled handsets.

LeanFleet for Utilities:

Municipal bodies, Electricity Supply companies, Telecom and Cable Network companies manage their fleet of services vehicles that are involved in tasks ranging from garbage collection and disposal to planned/unplanned maintenance of networks. In several such cases, a proper planning of the daily route schedule and the capacity of the vehicles chosen can make a major impact on the operational costs. For such applications, the omniSENSE devices could be designed monitor fuel consumption rate, in addition to other vehicle parameters.

LeanFleet for Cargo:

Hauling perishable items (e.g. fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk etc.) from one town to another or even the distribution of such items within city limits needs very careful monitoring of the environmental parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity etc.) of the containers while they are in transit, in addition to tracking their locations. For such scenarios, the omniSENSE devices could be designed monitor container temperature, humidity and fuel consumption rate, in addition to other vehicle parameters.

How does LeanFleet help in planning?

How is the ‘operational cost’ factored into the ‘planning’ process of LeanFleet?

We do manage a fleet of vehicles for transporting passengers, but these trips are not repetitive and hence can not be planned in advance. How can I benefit from LeanFleet?