At a very high level, Fountainhead is focused on software, automation and microelectronics. We offer, under a single umbrella, both products and professional services in each of the areas mentioned, based on the in-depth industry experience of our core team, advisors and consultants associated with us.


We offer our expertise through professional services in the entire range of software development life-cycle, especially in scenarios like:


Product Development Services
We engage with the customer at an early stage when the product is conceptualized, and participate in detailing the product specifications, and then move the development to offshore location (making it cost effective), and hand-hold the customer for all subsequent releases of the product by offering a single window service that spans across Requirements Engineering, Development, Testing, Porting and Release Management.



Custom Applications Development
We draw from our pool of senior domain experts in the areas like BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, FMCG etc. to engage with the end-user (who may or may not be our direct customer) to define and capture the scope of the Applications in as much details as possible. We strive to make this Requirements Engineering phase as detailed as possible, which ensures smooth execution of all subsequent phases like Development, Testing, Delivery, User Acceptance and Training.



Onsite Consulting and 3rd Party Product Implementation Services
Our collective past experience in areas like BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, FMCG etc. has enable us to offer onsite consulting (e.g. GAP Analysis, Estimation) and implementation services globally of various product lines of some of the major software vendors.



Our Automation solutions are available in the areas of Industrial and Home Automation, where custom solutions are built on devices developed by Fountainhead, or using standard 3rd party off-the-shelf products. We also automate business processes for our customers by offering them some very innovative, domain specific solutions using Mobiles, Smartphones and other handheld devices.


Electronics Measurements, Data Transfer & Analysis
We specialize in remote monitoring / telemetry solutions using wireless networks (e.g. ZIGBEE) and work with various kinds of devices like GPS, Bluetooth, Electronic Energy Meters, and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).



Industrial Automation & Control
We offer consulting, design and implementation of industrial control solutions in the areas of Automotive Applications, Electric Furnace Power Control and AC/DC Power Conversion.



Business Process Automation & Analytics
We offer solutions using Mobiles and Wireless Handheld devices for enterprises to automate data capture and analyses of field level information from large number of field personnel deployed over large geographical areas with limited connectivity. Such solutions have been used for Secondary Sales tracking and analysis, Spot Billing by utilities, Order Booking, Centralized Complaint Management and Service Personnel deployment etc.



We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity to offer custom designed electronic products, consulting and other professional services especially in the areas of industrial automation and control encompassing microelectronics and embedded systems. Some of our service areas include:


Consulting Services in Electronic Product Design
We offer consultancy services in the areas of analysis and simulation of electronic circuits and systems, conversion of analog systems to state of the art digital systems, development of PC interfaces using standard as well as custom built interface cards.



Product Design (IP retained solely by client) – Data-com Circuits and Systems
As an outsourcing partner of our clients, we offer to develop proprietary circuits and systems in the areas like Data Communications Protocols (using VHDL), Application Specific Digital Hardware and algorithms for digital control of power converters using VHDL and PC based instrumentation systems.



Circuit Realization Services
We deliver custom-built, fully functional electronic boards and systems, starting from a paper design or a concept defining the specifications to implement certain functionalities. We undertake several rounds of circuit designing, simulations, prototype building, designing circuit schematics, PCB designing, and testing, before we offer the final system to the client. We specialize in the areas like: Schematic Design, PCB Layout Design, FPGA (Xilinx) based system design, DSP (TI) based system design, and Micro-controller based system design (PIC – ATMEL).



Firmware Modules supporting various Data Communication Protocols
We offer easily customizable firmware modules with demonstrable hardware support, implementing several data communication protocols like: MODBUS, SPI, USB, CAN, ZIGBEE, PLC and PCI.