As the global demands for some of the fundamental resources needed for modern day living like water, diesel, petrol, electricity etc. increase, the need for proper monitoring, optimal utilization and wastage reduction of these becomes more and more acute. omniSENSE device has been designed for use with such new generation, innovative applications.

An omniSENSE device is a simple yet powerful tool that could be deployed practically anywhere, for collection, automatic transfer allowing tracking of different events or any kind of local or environmental data, from a widely distributed geographically area. Data is typically collected from sensors or meters or from electronic ports locally available at points of collection.

Since each omniSENSE device is capable of geo-tagging the data with the GPS location and time-stamp, it is possible to use these devices on any kind of vehicles or other mobile platforms.


What kind of inputs can omniSENSE devices collect and send to the server?

How is an omniSENSE device different from GPS tracking devices that are available in the market?