omniSENSE - Savvy

Some of the key features and benefits of the omniSENSE – Savvy are given below. The omniSENSE – Savvy is a customisable product, to suite the need of different kinds of customer needs and are available in different flavours.

Features & Benefits

DGPS Enabled Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is an enhancement to Global Positioning System that provides improved location accuracy, from the 15-meter nominal GPS accuracy to about 10 cm in case of the best implementations.

DGPS uses a network of fixed, ground-based reference stations to broadcast the difference between the positions indicated by the satellite systems and the known fixed positions. The GPS technology used by omniSENSE supports Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), a system that transmits corrections from orbiting satellites instead of ground-based transmitters.
Bluetooth Interface Allows the device to transfer data to the central server using a Bluetooth enabled phone, by connected wirelessly to the it.

Even when the phone is not connected or available during the trip, the same data, stored in the internal memory of the device, could be uploaded to the server at a later point of time.
Dual Power omniSENSE devices are normally powered by the 12V dc available from the vehicle’s battery. However, to ensure continuous recording of the location / movement of a vehicle even when the primary 12V dc is withdrawn or interrupted, the system continues to run on an internal 9V battery.
Internal Memory omniSENSE – Savvy devices could be used either as online or as offline GPS tracking devices.

To work as an online device, it requires the support of a Bluetooth enabled phone to be available for transmitting the vehicles location / movement data to the server using the GPRS network. Such data, once transferred, are not stored internally within the device.

However, without a phone to transfer the data, the device works in an offline mode, and all omniSENSE devices are provided with internal memory capable of storing the details of more than 400 hours location / movement data in the event of non-availability of network connectivity prevents the data to be transferred to the central server.
Trip Recording On/Off Vehicle tracking should not be limited to just locating the vehicle at any given point of time. More often than not, commercially used vehicles need to collect, segregate and report detailed information about specific trips (e.g. duration, distance travelled, waiting time etc.) during its usage during a day, week etc.

The Trip On/Off feature built into the omniSENSE allows the end-user to precisely record the event of a Trip Start and a Trip End.
Alkaline Battery / Rechargeable NiMH Battery Provides back-up power for the omniSENSE device during the short periods when the 12V dc supply is switched-off. When running on back-up power, GPRS transmission is temporarily withdrawn, and resumed once the 12V dc supply is restored.

This ensures longer period of continuous recording of the vehicle’s location / movement and availability of these data once the 12V dc is restored to the device.
Inbuilt Charger The customer has the option to opt for an inbuilt charger.

For occasional users of the omniSENSE device, the rechargeable NiMH battery may also be charged periodically, as and when needed by using an appropriate wall mounted charger.

However, for heavy users of the device, it is recommended to use the variant with an inbuilt charger, so that the battery could also be charged from the 12V dc supply.

Variants of omniSENSE – Savvy:

Int. Battery Charger (for 300 mAh NiMH Battery) No Yes Yes
Rechargeable 300 mAh NiMH Battery No No Yes

Android Application for omniSENSE – Savvy: