smarTRAC is an integrated solution that includes proprietary omniSENSE devices (to be carried in vehicles) that communicate with a centralized web application. End users just need to procure and install the devices in the vehicles and enjoy all the benefits of smarTRAC simply by logging into the web application. Notifications and alerts are sent to the designated mobile phones over SMS, so that the need of voice communications over radio network could be eliminated.

While the core capabilities of smarTRAC are outlined below, we would be happy to work with you in understanding your specific business needs, and extend/integrate smarTRAC with your existing vehicle booking application.

smarTRAC has been designed with the needs of the following categories of end users in mind:

smarTRAC for Commercial Passenger Vehicles:

Such vehicles are often booked by end clients based on a ‘Hour/Km’ tariff, or an the basis of fixed pick-up / drop-off assignments. Typically, the pick-up time/location is pre-specified by the end-user. smarTRAC enabled vehicles engaged in such services would not only allow the service provider to accurately track the vehicles movement from the time of allocation to the end of such a trip, but could also keep the end-user automatically informed even before the vehicle reports at the designated pick-up point. Tracking of the vehicle during the entire trip is monitored, including the route taken, speeding profile and duration. This variant could be used both by B2B as well as B2C service providers, offering their vehicle pool to corporate as well as individual end-users, respectively.

smarTRAC for Emergency / Utlity Services:

Unlike the businesses of Commercial Passenger Vehicles, intra-city and inter-city cargo is often transported on the basis of fixedrate contracts. In addition to timely delivery, the service providers also needs to keep a close watch on routes taken (distance travelled) and the number and duration of halts taken by the drivers. While detours results in more diesel consumption, too many halts results into delayed deliveries and under-utilization of the vehicle in the form of missed opportunities. smarTRAC enabled vehicles will not only allow 24x7 monitoring of the vehicle’s movement, but will also allow managers to intervene and take decisions in real-time, that could be communicated to the driver over SMS.

smarTRAC for Individuals:

Private vehicle owners could easily keep a detailed tab on the usage of their vehicles including the speeding profile. E.g. the reports generated after each and every trip could be used to segregate the usage of the personal vehicle for official as well personal purposes.

smarTRAC on Mobile:

We have a large number of vehicles in our fleet. Do we have to procure and install omniSENSE to each and every vehicle?

How does passenger pick-up / drop-off detection work?